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Documenting Projects Toolkit

—Six short, informative videos that break down the documentation process

  • Creating Partnerships
  • Identifying What To Do And Making A Plan
  • Creating A Student Documentary Crew
  • An Overview of Tools
  • Shooting Photographs and Video
  • Video Considerations 

—A tutorial on Adobe Spark, a free, easy platform you can use to feature your student work

—Models of projects documented in Adobe Spark created by students and teachers in 2018.

This video is the first in a series designed to give educators practical strategies for documenting student learning in their classrooms. Watch this video to learn the single most important consideration when beginning the documentation process.

This video walks educators and students through the process of identifying the significant learning events that best tell the story of their project and how to capture student thinking along the way. Watch for practical tips and pointers for making a plan for documentation that ensures success!


Make students your partners in the documentation process. Students will add expertise, richness, and depth to the process and final product when involved strategically and thoughtfully. Watch this video for practical guidelines and tools to help create an effective student documentation team in your classroom.

A coherent tool set for capturing media in your classroom is key to success! Watch this video for the simplest ways to produce and keep the images, PDFs, video, and audio organized and accessible.


This video gives expert strategies for taking beautiful photographs and video throughout your documentation process. Watch this video to learn exactly how to take compelling and interesting photographs and video!


This final video provides an overview on shooting and editing considerations that move from simple choices that work well to more complex documentary choices. Watch this video to ensure you finish your documentation process with a product you can feel proud of!


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