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Andy Goldsworthy Nature Art

School: Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences

City/State: Santa Fe, NM

Grade(s): 8

Format(s): Visual arts

Subject(s): Visual Arts

Project Overview

8th grade students from the Santa Fe School for the Arts and Sciences, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, created pieces of art for a project based on the nature artwork of Andy Goldsworthy.

Goldsworthy has become the archetypal artist of this art form – temporary works created with natural objects, displayed in natural settings. Studying his work and applying his artistic principles helps students to combine thinking about the natural world, being outdoors and being creative. His work often confirms for students a connection between art and the outdoors, and can be done by students of all ages, as well as adults.

Photographing the artwork takes what is temporary and makes it tangible, lasting and reproducible. These students took and printed the photographs of their creations.

How This Project Can Be Useful

  • Fine examples of kid-produced Andy Goldsworthy art
  • The idea of students exploring art and nature can be done with any age level
  • Highlights a two-tiered art project – natural creations and digital photography
  • Provides a means for “doing something” when in the outdoors
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