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Blades of Change

School: Four Rivers Charter Public School

City/State: Greenfield, MA

Grade(s): 12

Format(s): Video

Subject(s): Science and Technology, Social Studies

Project Overview

After learning about energy in Physics. and energy policy in Social Studies, students formed small teams to focus on one of several energy-related issues, with each team designing a presentation on their issue of choice. They shared their presentations to one another and then, as a whole group, selected the one they thought would make the best documentary. Offshore wind won!

They held a debate on aspects of offshore wind in their Expository Writing class and then did two days of fieldwork and filming. Script-writing and editing followed, and when the film was done, it was screened at the Garden Cinema in Greenfield. The film explores the movement for renewable offshore wind energy and specifically looks at two case studies: Cape Wind in Massachusetts and Block Island Wind in Rhode Island. Their essential question is: Why did Block Island Wind succeed when Cape Wind failed, and what is the future of offshore wind in New England?

How This Project Can Be Useful

  • An excellent example of a product with an authentic audience
  • Shows high-quality filming
  • Illustrates an interdisciplinary approach to a real life issue

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