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Busy Bees on the Palouse

School: Palouse Prairie Charter School

City/State: Moscow, ID

Grade(s): 1, 2

Format(s): Booklet, 3D & Media, Visual & Narrative Arts, Visual arts

Type of Task: End-of-Unit

Category: Examples from Curriculum

Project Overview

"1st and 2nd grade students at PPCS spent their spring semester learning about plants and pollinators and their importance in the local ecosystem. Through hands-on observations, dissections, and experiments they studied the life cycle of plants as well as all the parts of seeds, plants, flowers, and fruits while developing the skills of a researcher. Students learned the features of non-fiction texts to help them use informational texts as a part of their research. Using their knowledge of plants and the importance of pollination to the plant life cycle they then began an in-depth study of local bees. Students practiced applying their knowledge about high-quality questions and listening to gather information while interacting with local experts in the field. Students became experts on local bees and learned about their importance to our local ecosystem and ways to help bees throughout the year.

Students used their knowledge to create an accurate scientific sketch of a bee and then used seeds and beans to fill in the details of the bee. Students collaborated to support each other through the revision process. This art is featured in the local Co-op along with a student-created brochure with information about how community members can help bees. This information will be used for summer programs for the Co-op kids program. Students presented this work to the co-op with a flash mob of song dance about the life cycle of an apple tree. The students also created seed packets with local pollinator-friendly seeds for the City of Moscow Sustainable Environmental Commission that will be handed out throughout the summer at the Farmer's Market. "

From EL Education's ELA Curriculum G2:M3:U2:L6

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