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A Day in the Life of Eastern Sierra Animals

School: Big Pine Elementary School

City/State: Big Pine, CA

Grade(s): 2

Format(s): Book

Subject(s): English Language Arts, Science and Technology, Social Studies, Visual Arts

Project Overview

A Day in the Life: Eastern Sierra Animals was created by second grade students at Big Pine Elementary as part of their Wilderness Warriors learning expedition, in which students learned about local habitats and the plants and animals who call these habitats home. During this expedition, students learned to explore and appreciate the natural world around them in their Eastern Sierra backyard with regular fieldwork in local wilderness areas. Students each chose a local animal for further research and study.


A Day in the LIfe: Eastern Sierra Animals was inspired by the Smithsonian’s Backyard book series, including Opossum at Sycamore Road and other titles. Each of these books tells the story of a day in the life of a different animal. The students envisioned A Day in the LIfe: Eastern Sierra Animals as a way to share what they learned about how different Eastern Sierra animals have adapted to their unique habitats.


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