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Food For Thought Cards

School: Grandview Elementary

City/State: Charleston, WV

Grade(s): 2

Format(s): Note cards

Subject(s): English Language Arts, Health and Wellness, Social Studies

Project Overview

Second-grade students at Grandview Elementary in Charleston, West Virginia used a meal journal to track the foods that they ate and determined that they did not eat enough fruits and vegetables. Based on this data, they decided to complete a service project to help promote healthier eating in Kanawha Valley Community.   

During their BBK (Building Background Knowlege), a local nutritionist gave a presentation about the benefits of eating fruits. After reading the anchor text Sweet as Fruit, by Shir Guez, the students wrote their own riddles that described the benefits and characteristics of eating fruits. The final product included a realistic drawing of their fruit and a recipe with their fruit as the main ingredient. 

Once the final products were completed, the students participated in field work by delivering their riddle cards to two local businesses—the Purple Onion and
the Healthy Life Market. The riddle cards will be displayed at these two locations to promote healthy eating in the Kanawha Valley Community. Grandview Elementary students concluded their eight-week case study with a Celebration of Learning where the students used a documentation panel to explain the process they took to create their high-quality work to parents, guardians, and friends.

How This Project Can Be Useful

  • Excellent example of students creating a product based on a truly authentic need that they discovered through their own research
  • Project format allows for individual student assessment
  • Highlights a project that addresses a community need and is introduced to the community with a celebration of learning
  • Interesting format that creates a fun learning experience for students and their community
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