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Getting to Know H20

School: Palouse Prairie Charter School

City/State: Moscow, ID

Grade(s): 1, 2

Format(s): Video: PSA

Subject(s): English Language Arts, Science and Technology

Project Overview

First and 2nd-grade crews at Palouse Prairie Charter School dove into a study of water. They learned about the states of matter and made connections to the different properties of water.  They conducted experiments to observe how temperature causes matter to change forms. With this knowledge, they were able to develop an understanding of the water cycle. They discovered that while the earth is covered in water, only 1% is available for drinking.

Students then gathered information about local water sources and the ways in which water is used. Through fieldwork to the water department and close reads, students learned about the local water supply. Knowing that we have a limited supply of water and that it is a necessary resource students then turned their attention to learning about ways that the community can conserve water and protect our aquifer.  Students used their knowledge to create public service announcements (PSA's) for the local radio station KRFP to encourage citizens of Moscow to save water.

Please download the zipped file to hear PSA's from nine of the students. 


How This Project Can Be Useful

  • Provides a number of PSA (voice recordings) for teachers and students to listen to and discuss
  • Highlights a path to connect study in the classroom to authentic community action
  • Demonstrates how even younger students can create an effective message
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