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Real, Represent, Reconstruct

School: William Smith High School

City/State: Aurora, CO

Grade(s): 9, 10, 11, 12

Subject(s): Social Studies, Visual Arts

Project Overview

Who is the real you? & How do you show it to the world? Where do you belong? & Where historically, has access been blocked from your people? In this class, we will deeply dig into how society depicts us versus how we portray ourselves. We will draw inspiration from the creative Ingenuity of Kehinde Wiley, a visionary who reimagines representation by taking artwork from the old predominantly white world and boldly reconstructing it by inserting the faces and experiences of America's growing minority. We will also examine old and new world literature in the same way by bringing modern ethnic flavor to antiquated language. Join us in this adventure as we try to find what's REAL to us by REPRESENTING & RECONSTRUCTING.

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