Interdisciplinary projects that live beyond the classroom

Bird Riddle Cards



This project was the result of the EL Curriculum; Grade 1. Module 3 final performance task. Students learn about various bird characteristics that help birds survive.

Advocating for Water



For this final product we created brochures to pass out to our community for celebration of learning. Attached are the brochures.

A Hero's Journey



A Hero’s Journey is a collection of collaborative student writing. This student writing is reflective of the grade 6 learning expedition titled, Building Community.

A Day in the Life of Eastern Sierra Animals



A Day in the Life: Eastern Sierra Animals was created by second grade students at Big Pine Elementary as part of their Wilderness Warriors learning expedition, in which students learned about local habitats and the plants and animals who call these habitats home.

Partnership in Poetry



4th Graders partnered with the Clyfford Still Museum to deepen their learning about the guiding questions and big ideas as modified to include Language Arts and Visual Arts: What inspired artists to create?

Hidden Figures of Science Films


6, 7

Sixth-grade students at Glenwood Springs Middle School read the Module 4 EL ELA 6th Grade text Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly while learning about the civil rights movement and the importance of analyzing multiple perspectives through history - before enhancing the performance task.

Puss in Boots and the Adventure


K, 1

This is a weather book written by a first grader in multiple drafts as a culminating project for the end of the weather unit. The entire class wrote books, and all had drafts and a rubric for their illustrations and stories.

The Snow is Here!


K, 1

This work was completed by a kindergartener in a K/1 multiage class. The students began planning their stories by creating a storyboard that included a draft of their main character along with character traits.

Rainforest Adventure eBook



This eBook was created as the final performance task in the Biodiversity of the Rainforest expedition.