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The Snow is Here!

School: Centennial Elementary

City/State: Denver, CO

Grade(s): K, 1

Format(s): Book

Subject(s): English Language Arts, Visual Arts

Project Overview

This work was completed by a kindergartener in a K/1 multiage class. The students began planning their stories by creating a storyboard that included a draft of their main character along with character traits. They included pages from their weather journal where they determined what they would need to be prepared for the weather, what they would wear, and what they would do. They also wrote scientific weather facts they would include in their story so that they would teach the reader a new fact.

Next, they began their first draft, drawing pictures first to tell their story and then writing words. For their second draft, students used just their illustrations to tell their story. We recorded their story in Voacaroo to ensure we captured all of the details. After, we used Otterai to transcribe it. Once it was transcribed, students worked together and with me to read through their second draft to create a third draft and their final draft.
Students created a final draft of their illustrations with crayon and used watercolors to help show the weather in their story.
We decided to share it is an accordion format so that the read would be able to see the entire story at once or to read it as a book.
Students will present these books at our Celebration of Learning. The students have been talking about how to support other people with being prepared for different kinds of weather and deciding how they can make a bigger impact with the school or local area by donating clothing, shoes, or sunscreen.


Canyon's Storytelling-Voice recording

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