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Tasting History: Family Stories & Recipes from 30 Countries

School: Lowell High School

City/State: Lowell, MA

Grade(s): 11, 12

Format(s): Book, Cookbook

Subject(s): Social Studies

Project Overview

U.S. History students explored the journeys of immigrants who came to these shores early in the 20th century. They listened to accounts from Ellis Island and examined Emma Lazarus’s inscription on the Statue of Liberty. In searching for the unit’s final project, their teacher found that many curricula began the same way: “Have students imagine they are immigrants coming to a new country.”

Most of the students in this class did not have to “imagine.” It was a classroom full of experts since students hail from more than 30 countries. Their immigrant stories are diverse and deeply inspiring and bring a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experiences to the classroom.

For the final project, students shared their own coming-to-America stories. They were encouraged to learn from their families how to cook their favorite foods. They created a cookbook, brimming not just with delicious family recipes, but also with memories of far away homelands and dreams of American futures. See much more about their journey and the process they used here.


How This Project Can Be Useful

  • A product/project that can be replicated in many classrooms and with different grades
  • Genuinely useful product that has an authentic audience
  • Excellent model of a professional-looking project
  • Effective layout highlights each part of the entry

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