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Unfamiliar Landscapes: Coded Illustrations

School: High Tech High

City/State: San Diego, CA

Grade(s): 12

Format(s): Visual arts

Subject(s): Science and Technology, Social Studies, Visual Arts

Project Overview

Twelfth grade students at High Tech High in San Diego, California created artwork using computer coding for an exhibition entitled “Unfamiliar Landscapes.”

The students chose subjects on which to focus their art which ranged from police brutality to noise pollution to post-traumatic stress. They used computer code—an unfamiliar landscape—as their framework for research inquiry and media art representation. For the first eight weeks of class students studied a programming language called Processing, considering design, color, content and context of their artwork. Using code they were able to change the width and appearance of a stroke, gradually learning more code to represent the subject matter.

The series of illustrations featured above show the first landscape sketches of the 12th grade class using a customizable dynamic brush tool. 

How This Project Can Be Useful

  • Excellent example of innovative techniques that exist for the artist through computer coded drawing
  • Illustrates how new technologies can be used to illuminate difficult concepts
  • Strong integration of technology combined with subject matter
  • Demonstrates an outstanding level of sophistication for high school students

Relevant Resources

Common Core State Standards

Standard Long Term Learning Target
  • I can integrate and evaluate multiple sources of information in a variety of formats and media to address a question or solve a problem.
  • I can corroborate or challenge conclusions with other sources of information.
  • I can resolve conflicting information when possible.
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