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Use student work to improve teaching and learning

Ron Berger
How to Use the Resource Section

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Inspiring Excellence Video Series
Inspiring Excellence Video Series

See behind the scenes as second graders create a project of remarkable quality about snakes.


Illuminating Standards Video Series

What would it look like if standards were met with depth and imagination? These videos  explore that question.


Eye of the Storm
The Eye of the Storm Learning Expedition: Illuminating Standards Video

The class of 2015 at Casco Bay High School for Expeditionary Learning in Portland, ME focused their junior year’s work on climate change. In the fall, they studied both the chemistry and the policy.


Hemlock Gorge
You Grotto Go to Hemlock Gorge: Illuminating Standards Video

Assessment can be a pretty scary word to students. But, does it have to be? What would assessments that excite students and truly reveal their understanding look like?


Mohammed and the Number Genie
Mohammed and the Number Genie: Illuminating Standards Video

What would it look like if we had a project that made students want to persevere? What even makes them want to persevere?


ReVOLT: Illuminating Standards Video

At King Middle School in Portland, Maine, 8th graders plunged into ReVolt, a 5-month, interdisciplinary expedition using design to solve a real world problem. No core academic subject was left out as the students actively engaged in multifaceted projects across classrooms.


Peacekeepers of Chicago
Peacekeepers of Chicago: Illuminating Standards Video

What happens when students take ownership over their education and push their learning beyond the walls of their school buildings to activate change in their communities? They develop impactful and transformational projects like the Peacekeepers of Chicago.


The Wolf That Would Forgive: Illuminating Standards Video

As human beings, we are compelled to achieve quality when we are deeply invested in the work—when our hearts are fully engaged in the task at hand. For young people, classroom thinking and learning is no different.