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Use student work to improve teaching and learning

Snakes Are Born This Way
Snakes Are Born This Way: Illuminating Standards Video

These days, it seems everyone is talking about grit, perseverance, 21st century skills, and noncognitive skills, but no one seems to be talking about courage. What does academic courage look like and what happens when students have the courage to overcome fear?


Acts of Courage
Small Acts of Courage: Illuminating Standards Video

How can rich learning experiences become the evidence that we value in education? At King Middle School in Portland, Maine, students demonstrate evidence of their learning by creating powerful projects that benefit their community.


Six Words
Six-Word Memoir Self-Portraits - Illuminating Standards Video

According to education researcher, Camille Farrington (2013), a strong correlation exists between success in school and students having these four academic mindsets: 1) I belong in this academic community; 2) I can succeed at this; 3) My ability and competence grow with my effort; and 4) This wor


Economics Illustrated
Economics Illustrated: Illuminating Standards Video

“Let me try and remember...” -- High Tech High graduate


Food For Thought
Food for Thought: Illuminating Standards Video

Why does learning in schools so rarely change the way students live their lives? Why does school seem to be so disconnected from the way the world really works? What if a science project could make this different?


What's Out There?
What's Out There?: Illuminating Standards Video

How can curiosity engage students in their learning? How can teachers use students’ curiosity to meet the Common Core State Standards? In 2013, at the Conservatory Lab Charter School in Boston, fourth-grade students created What’s Out There, a true or false book about the universe.


Water Quality
Water Quality and the Future Use of Loon Pond: Illuminating Standards Video

The Springfield Renaissance School is a unique public district school in urban Springfield, MA.


Get Bent
Get Bent: Illuminating Standards Video

“When life throws you a curve, sit on it.” At least this is what senior students did at High Tech High in San Diego, CA.


A Little More Than Just People
A Little More Than Just People: Illuminating Standards Video

A Little More Than Just People is a project created by the founding eighth-grade class at Four Rivers Charter School in Greenfield, Massachusetts. In this project, students publicly recognize the contributions made by members in their town.