Writing distinguished by voice, imagination, and impact

the life of a community follows a plot

A Little More Than Just People: Juanita Nelson



Eighth grade students from the Four Rivers Charter School, in Greenfield, Massachusetts, created a book of “monologues of community cultivators.” Students studied people from their community, who both through their vocation or avocation, worked on behalf of their local communities and “gave back”

How in the world could mentioning a box stir up so much rage in him?

Chipped: A Dystopian Story



Guiding Questions:
Who decides what is right?
How do rights get taken away?

even if she survives she won't learn anything there

Second Chances and Assistance



A class of 9th graders at The Met High School in Providence, Rhode Island spent their first trimester learning about different philosophies of justice through watching, discussing and writing about Michael Sandel's Justice lectures, made free online by Harvard University. 

it feels comfortable here and the sky is so beautiful

Trees Are Trees



Kindergarten students at The College School in St. Louis, Missouri created a book of poetry, letters and artwork. Each poem about trees is accompanied by a colorful drawing. Students spent considerable time outdoors making observations, drawing, writing and exploring.

my mother is my motivation to push forward

Name Essay - Erika Cabrera



The author gives a brief portrait of her life and motivation through unpacking the origin and meaning of her first, middle and last names.

a real and brutal prblem

Climate Change Action



Centennial Elementary’s 4th and 5th crews did research on extreme weather as part of their expedition on The Impact of Natural Disasters. Students localized the expedition by focusing on how global warming is increasing the consistency and amount of extreme weather incidents.

They have their whole world turned inside out.

Refugee Essay - Hope


7, 8

As part of the unit, Finding Home: Refugees, students read the novel Inside Out and Back Again, plus another book of their choice, to explain the universal refugee experience. 

some trilobites could roll up into a ball

Get A Clue: Trilobites



First grade students at the Genesee Valley Community Charter School in Rochester, New York created a children’s book as part of a learning expedition on fossils and local geological history.

The first step in stoichiometry is balancing an equation

Stoichiometry Experimental Design



This lab report explores stoichiometry (a mathematical tool chemists use to analyze chemical reactions). Prior to this lab students needed to understand balancing chemical equations, mole ratios, gram to mole conversions, theoretical yield analysis.