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Hands Description - Khalil

School: Santa Fe School for the Arts and Sciences

City/State: Santa Fe, NM

Grade(s): Pre-K

Format(s): Verbal description dictated to teacher

Subject(s): English Language Arts, Social Studies

Type(s): Informative/Explanatory

Writing Assignment Description

 A three year old student in a Pre-K class at Santa Fe School for the Arts and Sciences in Santa Fe, New Mexico dictated this description to his teacher.

The author cannot physically write a description yet as he is too young, but he is able to dictate a rich description of his hands to his teacher. A photo by another student accompanies the written piece.

How This Writing Can Be Useful

  • Uses figurative language – metaphor – thoughtfully (e.g., comparing the color of his palms to ice cream, the back of his hands to chocolate)
  • Strong vocabulary and details, with many verbs describing the uses of his hands (e.g. reaching, pulling, touching, painting)
  • Beautiful, poignant closing
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