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Models of Excellence in EL's ELA Curriculum

We are excited to share with you this exhibit that brings together all of the Models of Excellence projects & writing pieces that have been created in response to or inspired by our EL Education ELA K-8 Curriculum. To find what you are looking for easily, we have divided the projects by Modules and into the following grade bands: K-2, 3-5, 6-8. 

We invite you to explore the exhibits and see how students bring the three attributes of high-quality work: authenticity, craftsmanship, and complexity to life in the EL Education ELA K-8 Curriculum. Please note that some of the work in these exhibits directly responds to a performance task in our  EL Education ELA K-8 Curriculum, while some featured projects are inspired by and used to enhance the curriculum. This exhibit will continue to be updated with work from our curriculum as we get more pieces accepted into Models of Excellence connected to the EL Education K-8 Curriculum. 

In EL Education's K-2 ELA Curriculum, students build foundational skills that will carry them through their academic careers. Students are introduced to the complexity of Weather Wonders, build literacy and authentic citizenship skills in Schools and Communities, and can see craftsmanship show up as they cover Tools and Work

In EL Education's ELA 3-5 Curriculum, students continue to build on their foundational skills from K-2 as they learn to face the complexities of Overcoming learning Challenges near and far, deepen their craftsmanship skills as they cover Poetry, and show up authentically as they learn about Human Rights.

In our 6-8 EL Education ELA Curriculum, students expand their craftsmanship skills as they learn about Critical Problems and Design and celebrate creativity as they explore Black Excellence in the Arts in the Harlem Renaissance and explore the complexities of history as they learn from the Voices of the Holocaust and Lessons from Japanese American Internment

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