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Civil Rights A to Z from Hidden Figures

School: Scott School-EVSC

City/State: Evansville, IN

Grade(s): 6

Format(s): Book

Subject(s): English Language Arts, Social Studies

Project Overview

While students were reading and discussing Margot Shetterly's book Hidden Figures, we kept a class chart while students kept an individual chart of names, locations, terms, and ideas mentioned in the book about Civil Rights. We would stop and discuss whether the word(s) should be included on our chart. After reading the book, students used the Book Creator website to create their own book about Civil Rights in America, which was related to the author Margot Shetterly. Each student (29 total) created their own book using a word for each letter of the alphabet, except for the letter x, in their own book. They were also required to find an image online to help make the information clearer and more interesting. Students also had a dedication page and a recommendation page at the end of their book. Books were scored on the following criteria: 25 letters (except for x), a brief paragraph about each topic, spelling, and capitalization were also a part of the scoring rubric.

View all of the books here.

From EL Education's ELA Curriculum G6:M4

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