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Deer Watercolor

School: Shutesbury Elementary School

City/State: Shutesbury, MA

Grade(s): 6

Format(s): Visual arts

Subject(s): Visual Arts

Project Overview

This watercolor painting was done by a 6th grade student from the Shutesbury Elementary School, in Shutesbury, Massachusetts. Watercolor art was a class-wide study in the classroom, and students took on personal watercolor projects related to the artistic problems they were working on. This student turned this image into a note card, and created sets.

The student who painted this scene went on to study at the Rhode Island School of Design and became a professional glass artist.

How This Project Can Be Useful

  • Exemplifies the process of allowing a student to work to his or her strengths
  • Demonstrates powerful artistic work done by a young student
  • A fine model of restraint and use of negative space in a painted image
  • An excellent model of watercolor technique
  • Highlights the many and varied ways that students engage in productive and meaningful work
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