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Invasive Species in Maine

School: King Middle School

City/State: Portland, ME

Grade(s): 7

Format(s): Field guide: Natural science

Subject(s): English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Social Studies, Visual Arts

Project Overview

This book was created by students at King Middle School in Portland, Maine as part of a Learning Expedition called Alien Invaders.

Students began by looking as two case studies as a class, including field research. Then students worked in teams to complete their own case studies of twenty invasive species of plants and animals that are affecting the economy and ecology of Maine. The book includes a thorough introduction that defines invasive species, and explores how they are introduced to the ecosystem and what the state is doing to control their effects. The following chapter explains how students incorporated their invasive species work into all their classes, including math, language arts, and science. Each case study describes the invasive species, its environmental impacts, economic impacts, and the efforts being made to control the invasive population.

How This Project Can Be Useful

  • Highlights a product that engages students in local environmental problems – ones that can deeply impact the area’s economy
  • Requires students to work together to create an in-depth study
  • The thorough introduction helps to orient the reader
  • Includes excellent information about local invasive plants and animals
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