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One Weave at a Time

School: The Heritage School Gurgaon

Grade(s): 7

Format(s): Book: Nonfiction/Informational

Subject(s): English Language Arts, Visual Arts

Project Overview

7th grade students at The Heritage School Gurgaon, in India, created this instructional guide to weaving and bag making.

This project is comprised of two large products including this book, and a hand woven bag.  Students worked in teams: one team would weave and the other would work on this guidebook, switching off so that all the students would get the opportunity to work on both projects.

The guide includes both instructions for designing and making a bag, and information on the history of weaving; what weaving is, the different types of weaving, the different types and parts of looms, and weaving patterns.   

In their book, the students also focus on the steps for planning a project and tips for working as a team.  Text boxes include self-reflections on the challenges they encountered during this complex task and how they overcame them. 

How This Project Can Be Useful

  • A productive way for students to share what they’ve learned
  • An example of students writing for an authentic audience and for a real purpose
  • An excellent example of the real-world skill of procedural and descriptive writing

Common Core State Standards

Standard Long Term Learning Target
  • I can write informative/explanatory texts that convey ideas and concepts using relevant information that is carefully selected and organized.
  • I can use correct grammar and usage when writing or speaking.
  • I can use resources to build my vocabulary.
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