Interdisciplinary projects that live beyond the classroom

Flight of Hope

Flight of Hope - Gladys's Story


4, 5

As part of a study called Crossing Borders, fourth and fifth-grade teachers at Cold Spring School collaborated with IRIS (Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services), a New Haven-based non-profit organization that supports families and individuals who immigrate to or seek refuge in Connecticut. 

Environmental Justice in Southeast Michigan



Sixth-grade students at Detroit Achievement Academy studied the history of housing discrimination in their region.

Voter Flyer

Voter Advocacy Flyers


5, 6

Why is voting not only a right but also a significant responsibility of America citizens?

Our Local Endangered Frogs



Students were engaged with the guiding question, “Where are all our frogs?”. Our local frog species have been declining due to an influx of poisonous cane toads. After being introduced into Australia, cane toads had no natural predators and are now a major threat to native animals.

Low Poly/ Geometric Portraits


6, 7

Before creating these geometric portraits using Photoshop, students were required to research a person from the African Diaspora who they wanted to use as the subject for their portrait.

The Truth about Climate Change According to Kids

The Truth About Climate Change According to Kids



Third-grade students at Presumpscot Elementary School studied climate change and its impact on the Coast of Maine (lobsters' life cycle) and our economy. 

Endangered Species: Poetry and Portraits


3, 4

Third and fourth-grade students studied the endangered species of Utah during an expedition called "Save Our Species." The students created an illustrated anthology of poetry to educate others about the endangered species of their region.

Under Pressure

Under Pressure



A documentary film created by the 2019 senior class covering the September Merrimack Valley Columbia Gas explosions and the natural gas industry in Massachusetts and nationally.

Spiral of Theodorus



This project was an integration between the math and art enrichment teachers that helped students cement the concept of Pythagorean Theorem and developed their protractor and ruler skills to a high level of precision.