Use student work to improve teaching and learning

Complexity, Craftsmanship, Authenticity

Attributes of High Quality Work

This document presents EL Education's three dimensions of quality work: Complexity, Craftsmanship and Authenticity.


What's Up: Illuminating Standards Video

Short film on the question, "What causes the change of seasons?"  These third graders provide clearer answers than Harvard graduates. 


Get Bent
Get Bent: Illuminating Standards Video

“When life throws you a curve, sit on it.” At least this is what senior students did at High Tech High in San Diego, CA.


The Human Face of Human Rights- Illuminating Standards Video

A short film about 10th grade students using interviews, writing, and photography to showcase the courage of international refugees. 


Mohammed and the Number Genie
Mohammed and the Number Genie: Illuminating Standards Video

What would it look like if we had a project that made students want to persevere? What even makes them want to persevere?


An Ethic of Excellence: Building a Culture of Craftsmanship with Students

This book is guided by a passion for quality and contains specific strategies for achieving excellence. 


Part 1 of Inspiring Excellence: Overview

Introductory video in the set of six that document a learning expedition and practices that result in remarkable work


Water Quality
Water Quality and the Future Use of Loon Pond: Illuminating Standards Video

The Springfield Renaissance School is a unique public district school in urban Springfield, MA.


Character File of Autumn Helena Washington Hawn - Illuminating Standards Video

Short film about a 6th grader's creation of a realistic fictional life history that provides a deep, real-world immersion into Deaf culture.