Use student work to improve teaching and learning

Original Physics Experiments: Illuminating Standards Video

In science classrooms across the country students are given experiments to perform; they are told what to observe and how to collect data. Even though learners may be having fun in their science classes, are they truly developing essential scientific thinking skills?


Part 5 of Inspiring Excellence: Reading to Get Ready to Write

Second graders read for evidence and code information as they prepare to write narrative nonfiction. 


The Wolf That Would Forgive: Illuminating Standards Video

As human beings, we are compelled to achieve quality when we are deeply invested in the work—when our hearts are fully engaged in the task at hand. For young people, classroom thinking and learning is no different.


Ampersand- Illuminating Standards Video

A short film about 11th graders publishing a high quality book of essays about their community internship experiences. 


too much conversation about standards is about compliance

Illuminating Standards - One Piece of Student Work at a Time

In this post featured on Education Week's Learning Deeply blog, Steve Seidel focuses on a unique film festival showcasing impressive student work being done in American K-12 public schools.


Part 6 of Inspiring Excellence: Writing and Speaking with Power

Second graders craft narrative nonfiction and hone their presentation skills. 


Snakes Are Born This Way
Snakes Are Born This Way: Illuminating Standards Video

These days, it seems everyone is talking about grit, perseverance, 21st century skills, and noncognitive skills, but no one seems to be talking about courage. What does academic courage look like and what happens when students have the courage to overcome fear?


Get Your Blues On- Illuminating Standards Video

A short film on 4th graders studying The Great Migration through the Blues, joining history with poetry, music, and visual arts. 


Chemistry & Conflict
Chemistry and Conflict: Illuminating Standards Video

The world is not discipline specific, so how come school is? Ask a chemist what her daily work looks like and you’ll find economics, writing, health, politics, design, and math are all integral parts of the work her lab does.