Use student work to improve teaching and learning

Six Words
Six-Word Memoir Self-Portraits - Illuminating Standards Video

According to education researcher, Camille Farrington (2013), a strong correlation exists between success in school and students having these four academic mindsets: 1) I belong in this academic community; 2) I can succeed at this; 3) My ability and competence grow with my effort; and 4) This wor


Our Presumpscot School Community- Illuminating Standards Video

A short film on kindergarteners interviewing school staff to learn the meaning of community.



What would work look like if it met standards, beautifully?

Models of Excellence: Ron Berger Explores What Standards Really Look Like

In this post featured on Education Week's Learning Deeply blog, Ron Berger, Chief Academic Officer at EL, explores what it means to meet educational standards with beautiful, quality student work.


Part 4 of Inspiring Excellence: Using Models and Critiques to Create Works of Quality

Second graders engage in critique and revision to produce high quality work. 


Acts of Courage
Small Acts of Courage: Illuminating Standards Video

How can rich learning experiences become the evidence that we value in education? At King Middle School in Portland, Maine, students demonstrate evidence of their learning by creating powerful projects that benefit their community.


Perspectives of San Diego Bay- Illuminating Standards Video

A short film with students working as scientists and authors to create a sophisticated, professional-quality field guide. 


Original Physics Experiments: Illuminating Standards Video

In science classrooms across the country students are given experiments to perform; they are told what to observe and how to collect data. Even though learners may be having fun in their science classes, are they truly developing essential scientific thinking skills?


Part 5 of Inspiring Excellence: Reading to Get Ready to Write

Second graders read for evidence and code information as they prepare to write narrative nonfiction. 


The Wolf That Would Forgive: Illuminating Standards Video

As human beings, we are compelled to achieve quality when we are deeply invested in the work—when our hearts are fully engaged in the task at hand. For young people, classroom thinking and learning is no different.