Use student work to improve teaching and learning

Part 1 of Inspiring Excellence: Overview

Introductory video in the set of six that document a learning expedition and practices that result in remarkable work


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Protocol for Watching Illuminating Standards Videos

Use this protocol with the Illuminating Standards videos to promote thoughtful conversation.



Ron Berger
How to Use the Resource Section

This short orientation video gives our users basic tools to navigate our resource section with ease. Not sure where to start? Need some context and guidance with finding resources?


Character File of Autumn Helena Washington Hawn - Illuminating Standards Video

Short film about a 6th grader's creation of a realistic fictional life history that provides a deep, real-world immersion into Deaf culture. 


One reason that others avoid this topic is that it is messy

Quality Work Protocol

When schools regularly engage in the difficult process of working together to define, recognize, and analyze quality work, the results are positive and powerful. This set of resources includes everything a school needs to run a full Quality Work Protocol.


Austin's Butterfly

This video features an elementary school project that illuminates the power of critique and multiple drafts. 


Economics Illustrated
Economics Illustrated: Illuminating Standards Video

“Let me try and remember...” -- High Tech High graduate


Illuminating Standards Video Series

See the backstory behind 30 amazing K-12 projects.
Learn how great projects are created.


Models, Critique, and Descriptive Feedback - Chapter 4 of Leaders of Their Own Learning

Guidance for teachers for using exemplary student work and critique protocols to create a vision of excellence for students.