We look for specific attributes in student work and in contributors.

We seek student work that features complexity, craftsmanship and authenticity.

We seek project work that

  • Provokes critical thinking and raises questions and ideas
  • Inspires students and teachers to do more than they think possible
  • Offers creative and complex ideas and features
  • Is beautiful in conception and execution
  • Contributes beyond the classroom
  • Adds new value and balance to the project collection

We seek writing that

  • Provokes critical thinking and raises questions and ideas
  • Features fresh and original dimensions (e.g., voice, ideas, structures)
  • Is compelling and memorable to read
  • Shows sophistication in concept, style and language
  • Is a strong example of its format or genre
  • Adds new value and balance to the writing collection

Want to learn more? Read our Attributes of High-Quality Student Work.

We seek contributors who:

  • Are willing to share their work as an open educational resource. This means that the work you are submitting is offered freely and openly for educators, students and self-learners to use and reuse for teaching, learning and research. (Note: If your school benefits from sales of the student work you are submitting, we are happy to post excerpts only and include a link to the site where the full work can be purchased. Please include details in the “Description” field.)
  • Wish to share their students’ work, yet understand that privacy matters. We do not include students’ last names on the site. If you are able to cover or remove last names on work you submit, it makes our job easier. If not, we ensure that last names are redacted before we upload accepted work.
  • Seek recognition for their school and students rather than for themselves as individuals. High-quality work is often the result of the student having interacted with many adults, and for this reason, we include the school and location, but not individual teacher names.