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Defending a Healthy Food Choice

School: Expeditionary Learning Middle School

City/State: Syracuse, NY

Grade(s): 8

Subject(s): English Language Arts

Type(s): Argument/Opinion

Type of Task: End-of-Unit

Category: Examples from Curriculum

Writing Assignment Description

Prompt: What is one informed action people in your
community can take to make healthy and sustainable
food choices?

Directions: Over the course of this module, you have learned that the way food
is grown and processed affects our health, nutrition, and the environment. This
is a complicated issue, and it is often challenging to know what priorities we
should hold when making choices about the food we eat. However, as a
community, we want to be able to make informed decisions so that our food
supply is healthy and sustainable.
Use what you have learned in this module to write an argument essay,
explaining your opinion on the question: “What is one informed action
that people in your community can take to make healthy and sustainable
food choices?” In this assessment, you will plan and draft your essay. In
your essay, explain your reasons for recommending this action, supporting
your argument with relevant and sufficient evidence from credible sources.

Use the provided planner prior to drafting your essay. Be sure to include a
relevant main claim and to support your claim with reasons and evidence,
drawing on what you learned by writing your practice essay. When you
have finished drafting, your piece should be a full essay that is several
paragraphs long.


From EL Education's ELA Curriculum G8:M2

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