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This Teenage Life - Conversation and Activity Guides - a Curriculum by Students, For Students

School: High Tech High

City/State: San Diego, CA

Grade(s): 9, 10, 11, 12

Format(s): Conversation & Activity Guide

Subject(s): English Language Arts, Health and Wellness, Science and Technology, Social Studies

Type(s): Informative/Explanatory

Writing Assignment Description

This Teenage Life is a growing and expanding podcast project created by teens.

It began as a podcast of ideas, stories, and unique perspectives. Now the teens are writing their own curriculum in the form of Conversation Guides and Activities that can be used in a variety of settings, i.e. family, remote, and in-person.

Each guide includes:

  • Description
  • Journaling Prompts
  • Conversation Norms
  • Discussion
  • Activities

Shown above is the conversation guide for Communicating in Quarantine. Click here to listen to this episode and view additional episodes and guides. 


If you want to use this with your students and want more information, feel free to reach out to This Teenage Life founder and educator Molly Josephs at

How This Writing Can Be Useful

  • An inspirational example of a curriculum for students, written by students
  • Shows how a project can be expanded in both in quantity and direction
  • An excellent example of a framework for learning
  • Addresses topics that are current and important to students
  • Connected with a podcast which exemplifies how this medium can be a valuable tool for students

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