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The Animal Important Book

School: Sierra Expeditionary Learning School

City/State: Truckee, CA

Grade(s): 1

Format(s): Book

Subject(s): English Language Arts

Project Overview

During a winter/spring expedition, first grade students learned about local animals’ characteristics, including body features, diet, predators, and adaptations. As a whole group students went through the entire research process focused on a local black bear. Students researched using various text, videos, and a visit from local bear experts. Students then selected their own local animal to research using various texts, online resources, and a fieldwork visit to an animal rescue and rehabilitation center (which was cancelled to to COVID).

Students then took all of their information and went through the writing process, including revision and peer critique, to create an Important Book page. Once students had their final writing product complete, a local artist came in multiple days to guide them through multi medium piece for their creative non-fiction pieces (this was done online due to COVID). For their final class product, students' animal pieces were assembled into a class book. The school director read the book as a read aloud to the whole school during distance learning.

Download The Animal Important Book to explore the full project.

How This Project Can Be Useful

  • A good model of young students transferring understanding.
  • Some very strong and fluid writing examples.

Common Core State Standards

Standard Long Term Learning Target
  • I can answer questions about details in informational text.
  • I can answer questions about unknown words and phrases in informational texts.
  • I can use text features to find important facts in informational text.
  • With support, I can read first grade informational texts.
  • I can include an ending to my informational text.

Additional Standards

  • NGSS Life Science
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