Use student work to improve teaching and learning

Chemistry & Conflict
Chemistry and Conflict: Illuminating Standards Video

The world is not discipline specific, so how come school is? Ask a chemist what her daily work looks like and you’ll find economics, writing, health, politics, design, and math are all integral parts of the work her lab does.


the power of models can be limitless

Catching Fire: Models of Student Work Can Spark a Chain Reaction of Deeper Learning

In this post featured on Education Week's Learning Deeply blog, Wilhelmina Peragine discusses how one exemplar EL student project inspired the creation of high quality work in two other EL schools.


too much conversation about standards is about compliance

Illuminating Standards - One Piece of Student Work at a Time

In this post featured on Education Week's Learning Deeply blog, Steve Seidel focuses on a unique film festival showcasing impressive student work being done in American K-12 public schools.


Original Physics Experiments: Illuminating Standards Video

In science classrooms across the country students are given experiments to perform; they are told what to observe and how to collect data. Even though learners may be having fun in their science classes, are they truly developing essential scientific thinking skills?


What would work look like if it met standards, beautifully?

Models of Excellence: Ron Berger Explores What Standards Really Look Like

In this post featured on Education Week's Learning Deeply blog, Ron Berger, Chief Academic Officer at EL, explores what it means to meet educational standards with beautiful, quality student work.


One reason that others avoid this topic is that it is messy

Quality Work Protocol

When schools regularly engage in the difficult process of working together to define, recognize, and analyze quality work, the results are positive and powerful. This set of resources includes everything a school needs to run a full Quality Work Protocol.


Critique Lesson
The Role of the Teacher in a Critique Lesson

Five key pieces of advice for teachers when facilitating a critique lesson.


Learning Targets
Getting Started with Learning Targets

Excerpt from Leaders of Their Own Learning focusing on using learning targets in daily lessons.


Learning Targets
The Who, What, and Why of Learning Targets

This table, excerpted from Leaders of Their Own Learning, shows key teacher and student actions, and the results of those actions. related to learning targets.