Use student work to improve teaching and learning

One reason that others avoid this topic is that it is messy

Quality Work Protocol

When schools regularly engage in the difficult process of working together to define, recognize, and analyze quality work, the results are positive and powerful. This set of resources includes everything a school needs to run a full Quality Work Protocol.


Austin's Butterfly

This video features an elementary school project that illuminates the power of critique and multiple drafts. 


Economics Illustrated
Economics Illustrated: Illuminating Standards Video

“Let me try and remember...” -- High Tech High graduate


Illuminating Standards Video Series

See the backstory behind 30 amazing K-12 projects.
Learn how great projects are created.


Models, Critique, and Descriptive Feedback - Chapter 4 of Leaders of Their Own Learning

Guidance for teachers for using exemplary student work and critique protocols to create a vision of excellence for students.


Calculicious- Illuminating Standards Video

A short film about 12th graders translating mathematics into art, celebrating the beauty of both fields. 


What would work look like if it met standards, beautifully?

Models of Excellence: Ron Berger Explores What Standards Really Look Like

In this post featured on Education Week's Learning Deeply blog, Ron Berger, Chief Academic Officer at EL, explores what it means to meet educational standards with beautiful, quality student work.


Complexity, Craftsmanship, Authenticity

Attributes of High Quality Work

This document presents EL Education's three dimensions of quality work: Complexity, Craftsmanship and Authenticity.


Six Words
Six-Word Memoir Self-Portraits - Illuminating Standards Video

According to education researcher, Camille Farrington (2013), a strong correlation exists between success in school and students having these four academic mindsets: 1) I belong in this academic community; 2) I can succeed at this; 3) My ability and competence grow with my effort; and 4) This wor