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I tangle in your mind like a string being tied into knots

I Am Poem



As a culmination of learning about their lives and the greater world, students wrote "I am" poems. They used figurative language, spacing, repetition, and breaking the rules of grammar as poetic authors.

its supporters included a diverse group of people, from Harvard biology professors to pastors

"The Burden of Feeble-Mindedness": The History of Eugenics and Sterilization in Massachusetts



Reid Grinspoon, while an 11th grade student at Gann Academy in Waltham, Massachusetts, authored this research paper on the history of eugenics in his home state. The report tackles a fascinating but scary topic in a clear and understated voice.

I am only 14. The number is so youthful, so honest.

Inside Out and Back Again Poems



These poems are based on the novel Inside Out And Back Again by Thannha Lai and preceded by students writing an essay introducing the concepts of the universal refugee experience during EL Education’s