Writing distinguished by voice, imagination, and impact

When the sun passes through a thicker layer of atmosphere we see colors at sunrise and sunset

What's Up?



This book was written  as part of a three-month learning expedition on astronomy. It was written to help introduce other students to these topics.

she did not seek legislation benefiting women

Abigail Adams: The Feminist Myth



Jennifer Shingleton, while a student at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts wrote this paper on Abigail Adams for a history class during the 1997/1998 academic year.

roughly 75 percent of processed foods contain GMO's




During a "Food for All" expedition, students studied how the choices we make about food affect our health, the environment, and the welfare of animals.

we need a reason to stay!

Revitalize Rochester



Sixth grade students at the Genesee Community Charter School in Rochester, New York created a report/position paper arguing for the reconsideration of an unsuccessful bond issue to revitalize downtown Rochester by restoring water to the dry Erie Canal waterway.

Lombroso gave society a visual key for identifying people it feared

Scanty Goatees and Palmar Goatees: Cesare Lombroso's Influence on Science and Popular Opinion



Rebecca Fleming, while a ninth grade student at Horace Mann School in Riverdale, New York authored this research paper on Cesare Lombroso and his study of criminal physiognomy.

The author was the recipient of the Ralph Waldo Emerson Prize from The Concord Review in 2000.

"I will not stop pouring my heart into the classroom...."

Amanda: College Essay



A personal essay written for college applications. Most colleges, and the Common Application, requires a length of about 250 - 650 words; most students work to be close to the maximum length.

Shakespeare was a poet and a playwright but it seems to me that he was also a scientist.

Bees and Shakespeare Essay



During a parallel study of the American Revolution and the life of bees, students read Shakespeare's Henry V. Students analyzed a speech from the play to assess the accuracy of each component of his metaphor.

just imagine having to pinch your cheeks

Faces of the Great Depression: Dot Cassady



Fifth grade students at the Fitchburg Arts Academy in Fitchburg, Massachusetts created this book as part of a learning expedition on the Great Depression.

I feel like a chair that no one likes to sit on

The Lonely Chair



This poem is part of an anthology third-grade poems published in 2005.

Anthology books were sold for $2.00 with all proceeds donated the Heifer Project.

The illustration is also by the author.