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geothermal energy has been around since the dinosaurs walked the earth

Guide to Energy Sources


3, 4

Third and fourth grade students at the Santa Fe School for Arts and Sciences in Santa Fe, New Mexico created a guide on energy sources and alternative energy. The book was created for younger children and though largely text-based, includes drawings as well.

she could already smell the sweet aroma of green tea

The Day It All Began: Historical Fiction



Sixth grade students at Friends Academy in Dartmouth, Massachusetts created historical fiction pieces as a culmination of writing and history learning.

it was important to rinse out our test tubes

Kineo Water Testing Fieldwork



Students at King Middle School wrote blog posts on a project designed to explore, understand, and protect Maine's environment through a grant called "Engaging Maine Middle School Students in the Nature of Maine" which was awarded from the Natural Resources Council of Maine.

When the chrysalis is dark it is close to turning into a butterfly.

Life Cycle of a Butterfly



This work comes from a science expedition focusing on the life cycle of the butterfly and the symbiotic relationship between flowers and butterflies.

she grew up in a family of strong well-educated women

Meet Local Scientists: Radhika Geonka


5, 6

Fifth and sixth grade students from Shutesbury Elementary School in Shutesbury, Massachusetts created these profiles as a part of a learning expedition on local scientists.

sometimes my fingers look like little worms standing perfectly still

Hands Description - Khalil



 A three year old student in a Pre-K class at Santa Fe School for the Arts and Sciences in Santa Fe, New Mexico dictated this description to his teacher.

when somebody gets hurt

Boo-Boo Station



In Unit 3, students bring to life classroom tools and habits of character as they work collaboratively to solve a classroom design challenge and answer the unit guiding question: "How do we create a magnificent thing?" In small groups, students plan, create, and revise a "magnificent" thing that

grass sways lazily in the breeze as birds tweet and insects are at work

Give Bees a Chance



After researching bees as part of a learning expedition, students crafted a book to help people understand the importance of bees to the production of food and the impact of Colony Collapse Disorder.

she was a midwife, presiding over one of the most private and mysterious experiences of daily life

Anne Hutchinson: A Life in Private



Jessica Leight, while an 11th grade student at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, authored this research paper on Anne Hutchinson, tracing her life and her fate.