Writing distinguished by voice, imagination, and impact

there are always other solutions to a problem

Response to Rocky Choices



A class of 9th graders at The Met High School in Providence, Rhode Island spent their first trimester learning about different philosophies of justice through watching, discussing and writing about Michael Sandel's Justice lectures, made free online by Harvard University. 

these waters are not dead by any means

Perspectives of San Diego Bay


9, 10, 11, 12

Forty high school students from the Gary and Jerri-Ann High Tech High in San Diego, California worked with an interdisciplinary team of teachers to create a field guide to the bay.

I’m still a black girl, and I refuse to be left blind and burning anymore

Hot Comb Heirlooms



This essay combines personal experiences with the pressure on the author as a young black woman to have “good hair” with a broader analysis of the heritage of slavery, oppression and white conception of beauty.

There’s no limit to my capabilities.

What Biden-Harris Means To Me



Our school is taking first steps in help students find their voice related to belonging, race, and anti-racism.

she is not naïve and understands the dangers that come with living in a country divided by war

Refugee Essay - Emma



Using the EL Education unit, Finding Home: Refugees, students analyzed the novel Inside Out & Back Again to argue how it relates to the universal refugee experience.

we smashed the basil and turned it into little pieces

Beautiful and Yummy


1, 2

First and second grade students from the College School in St. Louis, Missouri created a cookbook about pesto as part of a sustainability and local foods.

The students who wrote the introduction described their process.

how could we tactfully say that the ending needed to be changed?

Reflection as a Writer



This end-of-year written reflection was created by a female student as a final class assignment, reflecting on her work as a writer across the course of the year.

are tricky, they look nasty, but ...




In this performance task, students synthesize their learning about what inspires poets to write poetry by presenting their own original poems inspired by something meaningful, along with a speech, including supporting visuals, about what inspired their poem and where you can see evidence of this

This court is in session for the case of bear vs. raccoon.

Panda Classification Comic Strip



After learning about DNA, students had to explain if the giant panda was a closer relative to bears or to raccoons by creating a comic strip.