Writing distinguished by voice, imagination, and impact

This court is in session for the case of bear vs. raccoon.

Panda Classification Comic Strip



After learning about DNA, students had to explain if the giant panda was a closer relative to bears or to raccoons by creating a comic strip.

it's a pop rock explosion of glitter

A Handful of Candy



This album review was written as a response to a prompt at the Write the World website and was the winning review in this competition.

mistakes of your youth are hard to escape

A Misleading Truth for a “Missing” Phone



A class of 9th graders at The Met High School in Providence, Rhode Island spent their first trimester learning about different philosophies of justice through watching, discussing and writing about Michael Sandel's Justice lectures, made free online by Harvard University. 

the people most affected by the pollution were the factory workers

Chemistry and Conflict: Carbon



Tenth grade students at High Tech High in San Diego, California created this book as the final product from a cross-disciplinary project combining chemistry and history.

the colonists got mad and that’s how the Boston Tea Party started

Tea in the Harbor



A 3rd grade student at Alice B. Beal Elementary School in Springfield, Massachusetts authored this essay as part of a learning expedition on the Revolutionary War. The assignment was to write a first-person narrative of the Boston Tea Party. This is a first draft, unedited work.

"I've been motivated by my coworkers to finish college so I can make a difference in my community."

Rheannon: College Essay



A personal essay written for college applications. Most colleges, and the Common Application, requires a length of about 250 - 650 words; most students work to be close to the maximum length.

Listen, listen to her every whim

The Dancing Prince



This piece is a freewrite created before the advent of the Common Core. Although the task wasn't designed to address Common Core standards, it is a strong representation of third grade Writing standard 3.

we used spoons, forceps, shallow pans, and buckets

Testing the Waters



Fifth grade students at the Genesee Community Charter School in Rochester, New York created this scientific report as part of a three-month learning expedition on water quality and the risks of pollution.

It could also lead to invisibility cloaks and quantum computers

Article Research and Analysis



Conducting experimental work and writing lab reports are the foundation of every science class because they cultivate a student’s ability to think like a scientist, which is fundamental in understanding the processes and concepts that underlie all science disciplines.