Writing distinguished by voice, imagination, and impact

some trilobites could roll up into a ball

Get A Clue: Trilobites



First grade students at the Genesee Valley Community Charter School in Rochester, New York created a children’s book as part of a learning expedition on fossils and local geological history.

the life of a community follows a plot

A Little More Than Just People: Juanita Nelson



Eighth grade students from the Four Rivers Charter School, in Greenfield, Massachusetts, created a book of “monologues of community cultivators.” Students studied people from their community, who both through their vocation or avocation, worked on behalf of their local communities and “gave back”

his eyes and his skin were the only things remarkable in a university

This Is Why I Cry



Eighth-grade students at Pioneer Charter School (now Polaris Expeditionary Learning School) in Fort Collins, Colorado created a historical character file as part of a learning expedition on slavery. The process took two months and included multiple drafts of writing and artwork.

Technology has become such a ubiquitous entity that it's hard to believe it wasn't always around.

Fahrenheit 451 Essay



Using the novel Fahrenheit 451 and various informational texts, students addressed the guiding question—Has Ray Bradbury’s vision of the future come to fruition?

I was supposed to be a statistic.

Senior Talk - Denisha



Prior to graduation, students present a speech to a panel of students, staff, and community members articulating lessons learned in their jourrney through school and their plans for the future.

Is the U.S. now also failing to heed the warning?

One Man Left Alive: The First Anglo-Afghan War



Eric Keen, while an 11th grade home-schooled student from Bethesda, Maryland, wrote this research paper on the history of unsuccessful invasions of Afghanistan, using the case study of the first British invasion of the country in 1838.

it feels comfortable here and the sky is so beautiful

Trees Are Trees



Kindergarten students at The College School in St. Louis, Missouri created a book of poetry, letters and artwork. Each poem about trees is accompanied by a colorful drawing. Students spent considerable time outdoors making observations, drawing, writing and exploring.

it was not a very pretty sight

Duck Nest Species Identification



Second-grade students at Kettle Falls Elementary in Kettle Falls, Washington responded to a writing prompt as part of an expedition on nesting box activity.

suddenly they saw what looked like a naked doll

Leaving Traces



Fourth grade students from the Genesee Community Charter School in Rochester, New York, created a scientific magazine as part of a learning expedition on Early Man. They modeled the magazine after the National Geographical student magazine, Ranger Rick, and other similar magazines.