Interdisciplinary projects that live beyond the classroom

Child Life in the 1830's


6, 7

The creation of the “Child Life in the 1830s” exhibit was the culminating activity of Old Sturbridge Academy’s 2021-22 Grade 6 and Grade 7 Exhibits crews.

Where in the World is Santa Fe? An Atlas


3, 4

For their spring 2022 expedition, the Centaur class was asked the question, “Where in the World is Santa Fe?” During this expedition, we began learning about geography through the lens of the five Themes of Geography.

Day of Change Book



7th graders at ELMS embarked on a learning expedition to create positive change within their community. ELMS 7th graders were able to interview agents of change within their community and choose a cause that they wanted to work with on their journey to become an agent of change.

TOPO Map Model


6, 7, 8

This is a project that is part of our Cartographers case study. Prior to this project, students looked at the development of maps as technology improved and as more of the world was known to cartographers. We have learned how to use modern maps and compasses to find directions and navigate.

SB Kids Local Treasures



The SB Kids Local Treasures project was taught in a fully remote first grade class during the Covid-19 pandemic. The driving question for this project is “How can we do the work of journalists and illustrators to celebrate and support local treasures in our community?”

Engineer a Mining Technique Model


4, 5

After learning about the various mining techniques used during and after the California Gold Rush, students are asked to engineer a final product of a technical drawing and working model that exhibits a solid understanding of a particular mining type.

Guess My Landform!



Students learned about different landforms and then chose a landform to research further. They used different resources (books, anchor charts, language dives) to come up with a riddle containing at least 3 clues as to their landform.

Earth's Landscapes



This submission is created by Mrs. Davis's 2nd grade students in one of our EL Education Network Schools Grass Valley Charter School. As a culmination to their integrated learning, students created a glossy class book on Earth's Landscapes.

Work Helpers In Our Detroit Community



The Kindergarten crews at Detroit Achievement Academy started the year learning about identity and community.