Writing distinguished by voice, imagination, and impact

I tangle in your mind like a string being tied into knots

I Am Poem



As a culmination of learning about their lives and the greater world, students wrote "I am" poems. They used figurative language, spacing, repetition, and breaking the rules of grammar as poetic authors.

The jaws are adjustable to make sure they can meet around the bolt.

Our Book of Tools



This product was part of a learning expedition on tools, in which students learned to identify tools and their uses and learned about the wider world through the study of tools.

Shakespeare was a poet and a playwright but it seems to me that he was also a scientist.

Bees and Shakespeare Essay



During a parallel study of the American Revolution and the life of bees, students read Shakespeare's Henry V. Students analyzed a speech from the play to assess the accuracy of each component of his metaphor.

grass sways lazily in the breeze as birds tweet and insects are at work

Give Bees a Chance



After researching bees as part of a learning expedition, students crafted a book to help people understand the importance of bees to the production of food and the impact of Colony Collapse Disorder.

we used spoons, forceps, shallow pans, and buckets

Testing the Waters



Fifth grade students at the Genesee Community Charter School in Rochester, New York created this scientific report as part of a three-month learning expedition on water quality and the risks of pollution.

they slide on the ice on their tummies

Bird Cards: Penguin



Kindergarten students at the Anser Public Charter School in Boise, Idaho created a set of note cards as part of a yearlong learning expedition on birds. Students worked with a research buddy – an older student from his or her school, supporting research and writing skills.

When the sun passes through a thicker layer of atmosphere we see colors at sunrise and sunset

What's Up?



This book was written  as part of a three-month learning expedition on astronomy. It was written to help introduce other students to these topics.

the best way to survive in a world that isn’t ready for our ingenuity

Rhetorical Analysis - Satire


11, 12

Following close reading and rhetorical analysis of texts in the genre of satire, students argued about how the language and style choices of various authors help to establish their messages. 

This court is in session for the case of bear vs. raccoon.

Panda Classification Comic Strip



After learning about DNA, students had to explain if the giant panda was a closer relative to bears or to raccoons by creating a comic strip.