Writing distinguished by voice, imagination, and impact

it's all very gross to watch

Cow Anatomy - The Behind


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During a spring expedition, first and second-grade students learned about the symbiotic relationships between plants and animals. Students were challenged with the task of writing a five-paragraph essay about one part of a dairy cow's anatomy.

it was rum that incited the American Revolution

Revolutionary Rum: Economic Exploration that Ignited the American Revolution



National History Day is an annual academic competition asking students to research any historical topic and apply it to a theme. This year’s theme is Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange in History.

It could also lead to invisibility cloaks and quantum computers

Article Research and Analysis



Conducting experimental work and writing lab reports are the foundation of every science class because they cultivate a student’s ability to think like a scientist, which is fundamental in understanding the processes and concepts that underlie all science disciplines.

The first step in stoichiometry is balancing an equation

Stoichiometry Experimental Design



This lab report explores stoichiometry (a mathematical tool chemists use to analyze chemical reactions). Prior to this lab students needed to understand balancing chemical equations, mole ratios, gram to mole conversions, theoretical yield analysis.

how could we tactfully say that the ending needed to be changed?

Reflection as a Writer



This end-of-year written reflection was created by a female student as a final class assignment, reflecting on her work as a writer across the course of the year.

I feel like a chair that no one likes to sit on

The Lonely Chair



This poem is part of an anthology third-grade poems published in 2005.

Anthology books were sold for $2.00 with all proceeds donated the Heifer Project.

The illustration is also by the author.

the wolf doesn’t like jumping whales who are living and having fun with water




The poem is shown in the original, hand-written version and typed version.

the Thailand Walking Stick was so thailandistic

Thank-you Letter - Luwis



A learning expedition about insects included the creation of a field guide to local insects; care of and safe experimentation with a variety of insects in the classroom; the creation of insect greeting cards; and work with a number of outside experts, including an entomologist who worked with the

sometimes my fingers look like little worms standing perfectly still

Hands Description - Khalil



 A three year old student in a Pre-K class at Santa Fe School for the Arts and Sciences in Santa Fe, New Mexico dictated this description to his teacher.