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the Thailand Walking Stick was so thailandistic

Thank-you Letter - Luwis



A learning expedition about insects included the creation of a field guide to local insects; care of and safe experimentation with a variety of insects in the classroom; the creation of insect greeting cards; and work with a number of outside experts, including an entomologist who worked with the

sometimes my fingers look like little worms standing perfectly still

Hands Description - Khalil



 A three year old student in a Pre-K class at Santa Fe School for the Arts and Sciences in Santa Fe, New Mexico dictated this description to his teacher.

It was my last goodbye to the moment that changed my life

A Moment in Time I’ll Never Forget



This writing piece is a second draft of a personal narrative, with peer/teacher feedback. It tells the story of the author’s experience being incarcerated in a juvenile detention center as an angry 14-year-old girl with a difficult home situation.

it’s how the game is played; the game of being a girl

Eyeliner, Lipstick and Blush



This writing piece is the second draft of a short personal narrative with peer/teacher feedback.

people of all ages and backgrounds can relate to animals

Babe: Film Review



As part of a Boston Globe feature called Teen View, Hillary while in 7th grade wrote a series of reviews of movies for the newspaper, including reviews of Fly Away Home and James and The Giant Peach.

There’s oranges, tomatoes and cherries too. Raisins!




A description of the delicious world of food and how the author appreciates it. The author did the writing, illustration and typing herself.

my mother is my motivation to push forward

Name Essay - Erika Cabrera



The author gives a brief portrait of her life and motivation through unpacking the origin and meaning of her first, middle and last names.

the colonists got mad and that’s how the Boston Tea Party started

Tea in the Harbor



A 3rd grade student at Alice B. Beal Elementary School in Springfield, Massachusetts authored this essay as part of a learning expedition on the Revolutionary War. The assignment was to write a first-person narrative of the Boston Tea Party. This is a first draft, unedited work.

I’m still a black girl, and I refuse to be left blind and burning anymore

Hot Comb Heirlooms



This essay combines personal experiences with the pressure on the author as a young black woman to have “good hair” with a broader analysis of the heritage of slavery, oppression and white conception of beauty.