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she did not seek legislation benefiting women

Abigail Adams: The Feminist Myth



Jennifer Shingleton, while a student at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts wrote this paper on Abigail Adams for a history class during the 1997/1998 academic year.

someday I hope to go to school like those girls

From Dawn to Dusk



As part of an expedition on Child Labor and Human Rights, eighth-grade students at the Santa Fe School for the Arts and Sciences each wrote character profiles on child laborers. They explored human rights, especially as they relate to children and teens.

just imagine having to pinch your cheeks

Faces of the Great Depression: Dot Cassady



Fifth grade students at the Fitchburg Arts Academy in Fitchburg, Massachusetts created this book as part of a learning expedition on the Great Depression.

Is the U.S. now also failing to heed the warning?

One Man Left Alive: The First Anglo-Afghan War



Eric Keen, while an 11th grade home-schooled student from Bethesda, Maryland, wrote this research paper on the history of unsuccessful invasions of Afghanistan, using the case study of the first British invasion of the country in 1838.

we smashed the basil and turned it into little pieces

Beautiful and Yummy


1, 2

First and second grade students from the College School in St. Louis, Missouri created a cookbook about pesto as part of a sustainability and local foods.

The students who wrote the introduction described their process.

it was not a very pretty sight

Duck Nest Species Identification



Second-grade students at Kettle Falls Elementary in Kettle Falls, Washington responded to a writing prompt as part of an expedition on nesting box activity.

she was a midwife, presiding over one of the most private and mysterious experiences of daily life

Anne Hutchinson: A Life in Private



Jessica Leight, while an 11th grade student at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, authored this research paper on Anne Hutchinson, tracing her life and her fate.

its supporters included a diverse group of people, from Harvard biology professors to pastors

"The Burden of Feeble-Mindedness": The History of Eugenics and Sterilization in Massachusetts



Reid Grinspoon, while an 11th grade student at Gann Academy in Waltham, Massachusetts, authored this research paper on the history of eugenics in his home state. The report tackles a fascinating but scary topic in a clear and understated voice.

the militia fired the canon and 4 rebels lay dead

A Historical Walk Through Massachusetts: Shays Rebellion



Third grade students from the Alice B. Beal Elementary School in Springfield, Massachusetts created this book as part of a learning expedition on colonial history.