Writing distinguished by voice, imagination, and impact

sometimes my fingers look like little worms standing perfectly still

Hands Description - Khalil



 A three year old student in a Pre-K class at Santa Fe School for the Arts and Sciences in Santa Fe, New Mexico dictated this description to his teacher.

grass sways lazily in the breeze as birds tweet and insects are at work

Give Bees a Chance



After researching bees as part of a learning expedition, students crafted a book to help people understand the importance of bees to the production of food and the impact of Colony Collapse Disorder.

she was a midwife, presiding over one of the most private and mysterious experiences of daily life

Anne Hutchinson: A Life in Private



Jessica Leight, while an 11th grade student at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, authored this research paper on Anne Hutchinson, tracing her life and her fate.

it can feel like the only thing to do is to keep pushing ourselves

The Ancient God Who Rules High School



"As a student in what is generally regarded as a rather competitive high school, I was quickly disabused of the notion that school was perfect. Staring at my classmates competing (and me as well!), I saw parallels to problems from game theory and economics.

the arrow starts with an initial velocity of 0m/s

The Crusades


9, 10, 11, 12

Students from High Tech High School in San Diego, California created this book as part of an investigation into the math and physics behind the weapons of the crusades.

timekeeping devices do not really determine the hours

The Invention of the Mechanical Clock and Perceptions of Time in the 13th–15th Centuries



Mehitabel Glenhaber, while an 11th-grade student at the Commonwealth School in Boston, Massachusetts] authored this research paper on mechanical clocks while enrolled in a Medieval World History Class. It offers a fascinating historical and philosophical view of time.

I will never forget this horror

Immigrant Poems For Two Voices



After exploring the immigration experience through cultural fieldwork, primary source documents, documentary and historical fiction films, and current news stories, students wrote a research-based, two-voice poem spoken by immigrants from different periods that expressed their ideas about how the

she flashes her famous, toothy smile at the camera

Reflective Photo Narrative


11, 12

After reading and analyzing Don Murray’s “The Stranger in the Photo is Me”, students selected photos from their childhoods and wrote reflective pieces modeled after Murray’s.

darkling beetles are nocturnal

Field Guide to Insects in Western Massachusetts



Second grade students at the Alice B. Beal Elementary School in Springfield, Massachusetts created a field guide as part of a two-month learning expedition on insects local to their area.