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she did not seek legislation benefiting women

Abigail Adams: The Feminist Myth



Jennifer Shingleton, while a student at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts wrote this paper on Abigail Adams for a history class during the 1997/1998 academic year.

roughly 75 percent of processed foods contain GMO's




During a "Food for All" expedition, students studied how the choices we make about food affect our health, the environment, and the welfare of animals.

Lombroso gave society a visual key for identifying people it feared

Scanty Goatees and Palmar Goatees: Cesare Lombroso's Influence on Science and Popular Opinion



Rebecca Fleming, while a ninth grade student at Horace Mann School in Riverdale, New York authored this research paper on Cesare Lombroso and his study of criminal physiognomy.

The author was the recipient of the Ralph Waldo Emerson Prize from The Concord Review in 2000.

I feel like a chair that no one likes to sit on

The Lonely Chair



This poem is part of an anthology third-grade poems published in 2005.

Anthology books were sold for $2.00 with all proceeds donated the Heifer Project.

The illustration is also by the author.

reflection is my escape from the world that I experience

Senior Talk - Devonté



At the Springfield Renaissance School, a public high school in Springfield, Massachusetts from which Devonte is a graduate, all students must formally present to their classmates and community a series of presentations of learning called Passages.

there are always other solutions to a problem

Response to Rocky Choices



A class of 9th graders at The Met High School in Providence, Rhode Island spent their first trimester learning about different philosophies of justice through watching, discussing and writing about Michael Sandel's Justice lectures, made free online by Harvard University. 

I’m still a black girl, and I refuse to be left blind and burning anymore

Hot Comb Heirlooms



This essay combines personal experiences with the pressure on the author as a young black woman to have “good hair” with a broader analysis of the heritage of slavery, oppression and white conception of beauty.

how could we tactfully say that the ending needed to be changed?

Reflection as a Writer



This end-of-year written reflection was created by a female student as a final class assignment, reflecting on her work as a writer across the course of the year.

it's a pop rock explosion of glitter

A Handful of Candy



This album review was written as a response to a prompt at the Write the World website and was the winning review in this competition.